Study in Korea = Academy of Korean Studies

Study in Korea = Academy of Korean Studies

Study in Korea = Academy of Korean Studies


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International Student Recruitment for 2014 Spring Semester

1. The Graduate School of Korean Studies

The Graduate School of Korean Studies (“GSKS”) in the Academy of Korean Studies was established by Korean government in 1980 with the aim of nurturing scholars who would study Korean culture and history in depth. It is a research-oriented graduate school in the fields of humanities and social sciences related to Korea. As of September 2013, approximately 240 students, including 114 international students from 29 countries, are enrolled in the master’s and doctoral degree programs as well as research (non-degree) program at GSKS.

A. Degree and Research(Non-degree) Programs

1) Programs Offered: Master’s Degree, Doctoral Degree and Research(Non-degree) Programs

2) Fields of Study




  Korean History, Paleography, Philosophy,
  Korean Linguistics·Korean Literature

Culture and Arts

  Anthropology·Folklore, Religious Studies,
Musicology, Art History, Cultural Informatics

Social Sciences

  Political Science, Economics, Sociology,
  Ethics, Education

International Korean Studies

  Korean Culture and History
 (Only available for master’s degree program)

3) Application

○ Applicants should apply online at and submit required documents by post.

○ Applications are open all year round, but must be received by 30 April for admissions for a fall semester which begins on 1 September, and by 31 October for a spring semester which begins on 1 March in the following year.

4) Benefits for International Students

○ Tuition fees are fully waived for international students.

○ The Government Grant of KRW750,000 per month is provided for selected students.

○ Korean language courses are provided free of charge.

○ On-campus dormitory accommodations are available.

○ A 4:1 student-faculty ratio enables close one-to-one guidance of students by professors.

○ Interdisciplinary courses, fieldwork and independent studies with student’s own topic and research plans are available.

○ Students may earn credits by publishing articles in accredited academic journals.

B. Other International Programs

   1) AKS Research Grant

   ○ International students abroad in the fields of Korean studies are invited to the AKS and provided with monthly allowance of KRW900,000 for 6 months to conduct research in Korea.

   2) AKS Thesis Grant

   ○ A contest is held to select theses of superior quality in the fields of Korean studies written by international students abroad.

   3) AKS Alumni Grant

   ○ Graduates who obtained a master’s or doctoral degree at the GSKS and are engaged in education or research in the fields of Korean studies abroad are invited to the AKS and offered monthly allowance of KRW1,500,000 for maximum 6 months for retraining and sharing knowledge.


2. AKS Fellowship Program

The Academy of Korean Studies runs the “AKS Fellowship Program for Korean Studies” in order to provide international scholars and doctoral candidates with an opportunity to carry out their research(dissertation research) in Korea.

   A. Eligibility

Foreign scholars(including those who have Korean nationality with permanent residence status in foreign countries) in the humanities and social sciences, who are currently engaged in Korea-related teaching and research activities, are eligible to apply.

1) Senior Researcher Fellowship: Associate professor level or above/Ph. D. holder with 7 or more years of research experience

2) Junior Researcher Fellowship: Assistant professor level or below/ Ph. D. holder with less than 7 years of research experience

3) Pre-doctoral Fellowship: Doctoral candidates who have completed all academic requirements except for their dissertation (i.e., ABD) from institutions outside Korea.

※ Those who completed their Ph.D. courses at Korean schools or institutions are ineligible for pre-doctoral fellowship.

※ Those who have received AKS fellowship within the last 3 years(based on application submission date) are ineligible for this program.

   B. Fellowship Grant

1) Airfare: Economy-class round trip airfare(Only offered to overseas awardees)

※ The valid date of the flight tickets cannot exceed the research period.

※ The airfare will be reimbursed based on the actual ticket price.

2) Monthly Stipend

a) Senior Research Fellowship: 2,500,000won

b) Junior Research Fellowship: 2,000,000won

c) Pre-doctoral Fellowship: 1,500,000won

※ Please note that we do not offer monthly stipend for research period less than 15 days and offer full monthly stipend for research period 15 or more days

3) Access to the facilities of AKS including the library

4) Up to 50% discount of AKS Guest House charges

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