Incheon Int’l Airport Gimpo Airport Korea

Incheon Int’l Airport , Gimpo Airport Korea

Two international airports Gimpo and Incheon are easily accessible from Seoul. Limousine buses, subways, and airport railways are available for getting to the airports.

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Incheon Int’l Airport ( Incheon City )

  • Incheon International Airport meets an airport transport demand from the metropolitan area and plays a role as an airport hub in Northeast Asia in the 21st century.
  • The construction of the airport began in 1992 by landfilling islands between Youngjongdo and Yongyudo. The airport was opened on March 29, 2001
  • The Passenger Terminal is equipped with 270 check-in counters, 120 passport control desks, and 28 security checkpoints. The airport’s passenger processing capacity is 6,400 people per hour.
  • The Cargo Terminal is equipped with facilities that can accommodate 24 airplanes at once, and has an annual cargo processing capacity of 4.5 million tons.
  • The apron area is 109,0909.05 m2, and can accommodate 40 airplanes at once



Gimpo Int’l Airport ( Seoul City )

  • Designated as an international airport in Jan.1958
  • Currently operating domestic lines for Gimhae (Busan), Jeju, Daegu, Gwangju, Ulsan, Yeosu, Pohang, Sacheon(Jinju)
  • The international lines of Seoul↔Tokyo, Seoul↔ Shanghai are under operation.






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