Seoul Walking Tour Courses

Seoul Walking Tour Courses

Seoul Walking Tour General Information

“Seoul City Walking Tours” is a free program offered by the Seoul for tourists who want to see Seoul’s top five tourist attractions on foot under the expert guidance of a multilingual tour guide.


Walking Tour Introduction

Traditional Culture Course

The traditional culture course takes tourists to old palaces, hanok (traditional Korean house) villages, and temples that were built during the 600-year Joseon Dynasty. The bus stops at six destinations packed with cultural heritage sites.

Gyeongbokgung Palace/Hyoja-dong       2 hours  :  Gyeongbokgung Palace/Hyoja-dong
Changgyeonggung Palace        2 hours  :   Changgyeonggung Palace
Changdeokgung Palace       2 hours  :   Changdeokgung Palace
Bukchon Hanok Village       3hours 30minutes  :  Bukchon Hanok Village
Seochon Hanok Village       2hours 30minutes   :  Seochon Hanok VillageSeolleung –Bongeunsa Temple       2hours 30minutes : seolleung –Bongeunsa Temple 

Gyeongbokgung Palace/Hyoja-dong : This walking tour starts at Gyeongbok Palace, the first royal palace built by the Joseon Dynasty,  to and ends at Cheongwadae Sarangchae.

Changgyeonggung Palace : Take a peek into the live styles of Joseon kings and queens

Changdeokgung Palace : Visit this great palace of the Joseon  Dynasty –  designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1997

Bukchon Hanok Village : A course that will provide you with insight on life in the Joseon Dynasty

Seochon Hanok Village : Visit destinations that were frequented by commoners back in the Joseon Dynasty

Seolleung –Bongeunsa Temple : A course that takes you around Bongeunsa Temple, including the artifacts of classical scholar Chusa Kim Jeong-hui



Modern Historical Culture Course

This course will take you to sites in downtown Seoul that were built from the late Joseon Dynasty to the Japanese Colonial Period, the most volatile period in Seoul’s history.

  • Deoksugung Palace/Jeong-dong   2 hours  :  Deoksugung Palace/Jeong-dong
  • Seongbuk-dong   3 hours  :  Seongbuk-dong
  • Gyeonghuigung Palace /Seodaemun    2 hours  :  Gyeonghuigung Palace /Seodaemun
  • Deoksugung Palace/Jeong-dong : Travel back in time to early modern Korea
  • Seongbuk-dong : A course dedicated to classical scholars of the Late Joseon Dynasty
  • Gyeonghuigung Palace /Seodaemun  : The area that suffered the most changes during the Japanese Occupation

Weekend Thematic Course

The weekend theme course is set around the history of Changgyeonggung Palace, Changdeokgung Palace, and Seonggyungwan and the surrounding area.

Changgyeonggung Palace

         2 hours  :  Changgyeonggung Palace

Changdeokgung Palace

         3 hours  :  Changdeokgung Palace


       2 hours  :  Seonggyungwan
      Changgyeonggung Palace : Visitors on  this Walking Tour course will learn about the historical and ecological background to the trees planted in Changgyunggung Palace.
      Changdeokgung Palace : Visitors on  this course will learn about the historical and ecological background to the trees planted in Changdeokgung Palace.
    Seonggyungwan : Seonggyungwan was both a royal university of the Joseon Dynasty and a Confucian shrine.

Ecological Restoration Course

The ecological restoration course takes in areas in Seoul that have been restored with a contemporary twist. Explore these unique areas where old meets new.

Cheonggyecheon (Stream) 1

2 hours

Cheonggyecheon (Stream) 1

Cheonggyecheon (Stream) 2   2hours 30minutes   :  Cheonggyecheon (Stream)
Namsanseonggwak Fortress   3hours 30minutes   :  Namsanseonggwak Fortress
Naksanseonggwak Fortress    3 hours  :  Naksanseonggwak Fortress
Hangang (River) – Jeoldusan Catholic Martyrs' Shrine   2hours 30minutes  :   Hangang (River) – Jeoldusan Catholic Martyrs’ Shrine

      Cheonggyecheon (Stream) 1 : Clean air and clear water, a beautiful rest area in the heart of the city
      Cheonggyecheon (Stream) 2 : Clean air and clear water, a beautiful rest area in the heart of the city
      Namsanseonggwak Fortress : Experience both traditional history and modern culture in downtown Seoul.
      Naksanseonggwak Fortress  : Sites that have been featured on television shows and in movies
      Hangang (River) – Jeoldusan Catholic Martyrs’ Shrine :
    This course centered around the Hangang River revisits the culture and history of the Korean people.

Other Courses (Traditional Market/ Ancient Historical Culture/ Seoul Cultural Tourism Volunteer Guide Permanent Tours)

Visitors can enjoy touring the following places: Insa-dong, which is a traditional cultural art street in downtown Seoul; the Traditional Market Theme Course, which will offer visitors to experience  a little of Korean tradition;  and the Mongchontoseong  Fortress Course, which is a place where visitors can go on a leisurely stroll as they see a historical trace of the Three Kingdoms Period.
Insa-dong/Unhyeongung Palace

         3 hours  :  Insa-dong/Unhyeongung Palace

Dongdaemun Market

         2hours 30minutes  :   Dongdaemun Market

Mongchontoseong Fortress

         2hours 30minutes  :   Mongchontoseong Fortress

Permanent Tours

      Reservations are necessary :  Permanent Tours
      Insa-dong/Unhyeongung Palace : Visit traditional markets that have managed to maintain their old-world charm.
      Dongdaemun Market : A traditional market course that mainly features Korean medicine, antique furniture, and artwork.
      Mongchontoseong Fortress : Learn about the Samguk Era (Three Kingdoms Period) on the Mongchontoseong Tour.
    Permanent Tours : Namsangol Hanok Village, Cheongwadae Sarangchae, The War Memorial of Korea, Seoul City Hall


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