How to use Seoul Subway

How to use Seoul Subway - Seoul Metro

Reading the Subway Map

The Subway Map has been designed to accurately llustrate the subway network.

The Subway Map is classified into different colors that represent line numbers.
The map allows passengers to locate their desired departure and arrival stations and also provides a full view of the entire subway network

Finding the Destination

All metropolitan subway lines are categorized into different colors to allow all passengers to easily recognize them. In addition, the numbers associated with each line are indicated at the end of each and every line.

First, find the line number of your destination. Then, find the position of the desired station on the map. Finally, check the route on the map, which will take you from the current location to the destination. For example, there are two possible least-transfer routes if you wish to depart from Ttukseom Station on line 2 and arrive at Banghwa Station on line 5.
1st Route : Ttukseom (Line 2) → Transfer at Chungjeongno (Line 5) → Banghwa Station
2nd Route : Ttukseom (Line 2) → Transfer at Yeongdeungpo-gu Office (Line 5) → Banghwa Station

Finding the Destination

Standard tickets can be purchased from Automatic Vending Machines (ATVM).
Prepaid transit cards can be used until the balance on the card is exhausted, at which point the passenger may recharge it with money to continue to use the same card.
For post transit cards, the amount of public transportation fee (you) used will be included in the credit card payment.

Ticket office located at each station provides guide services to the passengers, ATM provides transit card recharging and ticket sale services

How to use Automatic Machines

Ticket Machine Transport Card Machine
  1. ① Insert payment in the slot.
  2. ② Select and press the button (Regular or Child)
  3. ③ Choose the number of tickets you want.
  4. ④ Press the button for the value you want.
  5. ⑤ Receive your ticket.
  1. ① Place your Transit Card on the tray of the machine
  2. ② Press the button for the value you want to add.
  3. ③ Insert payment in the slot
  4. ④ Check the fare charged and remaining money on the display screenOnly paper bills
    ( 1,000 won, 5,000 won, 10,000 won) are accepted and no change can be given

Use a transit card and you can save 100 won

Subway Fare Guide

Subway fare is calculated based on the distance traveled. The basic fare is 1,050 won for distance less than 10km.

Category Card Ticket
Regular * Basic Fare: 1.050 won until 10km
* Plus Fare
– 10 ~ 40km: plus 100 won per 5km
– 40km ~: plus 100 won per 10km
Plus 100 won from card fare
Teenagers (age 13-19) 20% discount from regular fare minus 150 won
(Basic Fare : 720won)
Regular fare
Children (age 6-12) 50% discount from regular fare minus 150 won
(Basic Fare : 450won)
Plus 50 won from card fare

Various Discount Privileges

Category Discount(Bonus) Rate
Subway Card
Seoul Exclusive
and Others (14 Types)
Can be used up to 60 times within 30 days from the purchased date.
(14 types ranging from 46,200 won to 95,400 won depending on distance)

What types of tickets are available for use

Card-type Tickets

Transit cards are manufactured based on the Radio Frequency (RF) technology and are grouped into two categories, namely prepaid and post-transit card.
Commuter Subway Card can be used 60 times within 30 days after the date of purchase.

Prepaid Transit Card, Commuter Subway Card

Entering the Gate

Please make sure that you know the direction to your destination before you get off the train and pass through the gates in the right direction.
If you are traveling with a paper-type ticket with magnetic stripe attached on the back, insert the ticket into the ticket slot.
If you are traveling with a transit card instead, simply tag the card on top of the sensor.
Upon entering the gates to depart at the starting station, the paper-type ticket will come out of the slot on the opposite side of the gate.
Check gates carefully and be sure to take the returned ticket with you so that you can use it to pass through the gates at the arrival station.

Check the direction to which you would like to proceed then pass through the gates in the right direction. For paper-type ticket, insert the ticket into the card slot, for transit card, tag the card on the sensor prior to passing pass through the gates

Getting on the Train Safely

As the train approaches the platform, please take a step back from the safety line.
Please exercise extra caution when boarding the train to prevent your feet from falling into the gap between the platform and the train.
When the train door is about to close, please refrain from forcing yourself into the train and just wait for the next train to arrive.

When a train enters the platform, wait patien tly behind the safety line until the train slows down and comes to a complete stop. Board the trans in order and exercise extra caution to prevent your foot from failling into the gap between the platform and the tran

Transferring to a Different Line

Check to see if you need to transfer to a different line in order to get to your destination prior to boarding the train.
Then, check the line that you need to transfer to and the right direction that you need to take in order to get to your destination.
You can easily get to the platform for the transfer station by following the signs marked as “Transfer”. You can make your transfer without having to pass through the gates so you do not need to buy a separate ticket for transfer purposes.

Exiting the Station upon Arrival

Chekc the desired exit or desination from the general information installed in the platform. Check the exit number and the destination and then exit out of the station by relerring to the guide plate

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